* Network Installations
* Troubleshooting
* Repair

What is a network?

A Network is a logical grouping of computers that allows individuals within your organization to share Internet access, files, and peripherals like printers, CD-ROMs, scanners, etc. It allows one to store information in a centralized location.

Who needs a network?

Businesses with more than one computer generally see that a network can greatly benefit their business. A group of computers can use the same devices and employees can share files, eliminating the need to transfer information via floppy disks or other storage devices.

We offer:

  • Network drops -All drops use state of the art jacks and are tested for connectivity and speed
  • Wall mounted / floor standing racks
  • Remote equipment cabinets
  • Patch panels of all sizes
  • Patch cables of all sizes
  • Peer-to-Peer Networks (Generally recommended solution with < 5 computers)
  • Client/Server Networks (Generally recommended solution with > 5 computers)
    • Server setups, configure, and maintain
  • Domain Controllers, active directory, DHCP servers, DNS, login scripts, group policies, synchronization techniques, etc.
  • Wireless Networking can tie into both of the above networks
  • Remote Networking Solutions

Our technicians are ready to analyze your existing network system or design a new network system that will meet the needs of your business.